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Elite Torval is a Player Group and specifically the Powerplay Group representing the interests of Senator Zemina Torval. Its members are known as Imperial Torvalians.


Elite Torval operates out of the Synteini system. Its focus as well as defending the interests of Senator Torval by coordinating the Power Activities of her supporters is trading and mining. The group does not engage in offensive PvP operations on a regular bases, instead focusing on defensive tactics to ensure Power Commodities are delivered.

The general ethos is one that profit is good and more profit makes for a stronger Empire and Torval. Thus commanders are free to contribute as much or as little credits to the Powerplay cause as they wish in the belief that an organisation whose membership is financially sound provides more strategic opportunities in the long term. In pursuit of this activities such as wing mining and wing missions are a common choice for the group's members.


Elite Torval membership is open to all Player Groups, Squadrons, and individual commanders pledged to Senator Torval. Those wishing to join must complete a verification process via their discord server.

Titles and Honours[]

Like wider Imperial society, social status and prestige are important aspects of Imperial Torvalian culture. This can be increased in the Elite Torval organisation by commanders rising in social rank and being awarded honours & decorations. The Comitium is responsible for said awarding and follows Senator Torval's meritocratic approach, meaning that those doing the hardest graft are generally rewarded the most.

Eltie Torval Social Status Ranks
Torval Consul.png
Torval Legatus.png
Torval Tribunus.png
Centurio Princep.png
Centurio Princep
Torval Centurio.png
Torval Optio.png

The table above lists Elite Torval ranks attainable by commanders with Legatus being the highest. With exception of Consul the ranks do not have executable powers attached to them with such roles in Torvalian society decide by the Consulate and Comitium.

Elite Torval Medals
Medal Name Details
Black Opal Ellipsoid.png
Black Opal Ellipsoid A medal obtained for wing mining
Gold Cross.png
Gold Cross A medal obtained for combat in conflict zones
Golden Brassard.png
Golden Brassard A brassard obtained for contributions to fortification
Silver Brassard.png
Silver Brassard A brassard obtained for contributions to fortification
Silver Cross.png
Silver Cross A medal obtained for assisting in faction conflict states
Sceptre of Triumph.png
Sceptre of Triumph A medal obtained in recognition for special achievement in the service of Senator Zemina Torval
Tanzanite Polyhedron.png
Tanzanite Polyhedron A medal obtained for wing mission partipation

The table above lists Elite Torval medals attainable by commanders by participating in the group. Some medals require a certain rank.

Elite Torval Orders
Order Name Honouary Suffix Details
Righteous Gladius.png
Order of the Righteous Gladius ORG Order for recognition of service in regards of Expansion, Opposition, and Undermining
Silver Lorica Hamata.png
Order of the Silver Lorica Hamata OSL Order for recognition of service to regards of Fortification

The table above lists Elite Torval orders the membership of which is attainable by commanders by participating in the group. Membership of an order also grants the commander a suffix after their name. The orders only accept new members if they are of a certain rank and on specific cycles.

Organisational Structure[]

Based loosely upon the Imperial and ancient Roman models, the leadership is a Consulate housed at the Comitium whose members are also High Councillor(s) at the Imperial High Council. Commanders who make up their ranks have the opportunity to be promoted for their contributions to the Empire and Senator Torval's cause. The current Consulate consists of Consul Justinian Octavius.


The centre of governance is the Comitium in which is situated the Aerarium Stabulum, the Tabularium and the Rostra. The Aerarium Stabulum deals with managing the Power's CC Balance whilst the Tabularium records and manages the state of systems and Minor Factions in Torval's Domain. The Rostra on the other hand is the place used for policy discussion between the Consulate and its advisers.

Governing Statutes[]

Commanders of Elite Torval are expected to follow a number of policies that govern conduct within the group and with other commanders when applicable. These bylaws are called Comitium Statutes and are listed below.

Comitium Statute on the Comitium[]

The Comitium is the only source of law, bylaws, and other governance instruments that apply to Imperial Torvalians and these shall be called Comitium Statutes. The Comitium shall consist of at most two Consul(s) who are the legislative and executive organ. The Consul(s) may appoint advisers to the Comitium to assist in decision making. If only one Consul is in office then they may appoint another Imperial Torvalian to the vacant Consul role. All members of the Comitium shall also hold the title of Comitium Imperial.

Comitium Statute on the Consulate Accession[]

Should all Consuls be uncontactable for a period of twelve Cycles with no successor having been named by any Consuls then an Imperial Liaison Officer may appoint a new Consul.

Comitium Statute on the Judicial Authority[]

Consul(s) are the sole arbiters on the interpretation of Comitium Statutes and how they are implemented. Consul(s) may enact any punishments or none on any Imperial Torvalian or other for any reason.

Comitium Statute on Imperial Torvalians’ Duties & Honours[]

Imperial Torvalians may hold the following titles and professions. Consul, those charged with representing Torval interests at the Imperial High Council and responsibility for governing the Torval domain for the Empire. Regerendarius, those charged with the BGS & the recording of events throughout the Torval Domain. Exceptor, those charged with CC monitoring & the field of Powerplay.

Comitium Statute on Respect[]

Imperial Torvalians are expected to treat other Honourable Imperials with respect at all times. All Imperials are the perfect form of humanity and are equally honourable; divisions such as race, gender, and sexuality are outdated concepts held by inferior cultures. Imperial Slaves are by their own will and hard labours performing honourable work and shall receive said respect.

Comitium Statute on Education[]

Education and training of others in matters not subject to security restrictions is the duty of all Imperial Torvalians. It is an area of personal interest for Senator Torval and all are expected to excel in their efforts to better themselves in this field.

Comitium Statute on Freedom[]

Imperial Torvalians believe in freedom of choice and the market to deliver it. They should endeavour to open up trading opportunities with Dictatorship Minor Factions whenever the circumstances allow.

Comitium Statute on Shared Labour[]

Imperial Torvalians are expected to aid fellow Imperial Torvalians in improving their economic efficiency by sharing the locations of valuable mineral deposits and any high profit wing missions they are offered by Minor Factions.

Comitium Statute on Mining & Trading[]

Mining & Trading is honest honourable work. Imperial Torvalians will always offer advice and assistance if possible to fellow Imperials who are miners and/or traders.

Comitium Statute on Narcotics[]

Imperial Torvalians frown upon addiction due to the degenerative effects upon the human body that stray from the path of perfection as personified in the Emperor. However, recreational use of substances for pleasure is part of the economic liberty allowed by the Empire and thus not held in disdain as long as decorum and respect to other Imperials is shown.

Comitium Statute on The Empire[]

The Empire is the only truly honourable state and the Emperor is the embodiment of the pinnacle of the human form and the best method of governorship of a nation. Worship both everyday as you go about your Imperial duties.

Comitium Statute on Federals[]

The Federation is the enemy. Their people may have been led astray by their rulers’ lies but for as long as they are under such governors they are considered contaminated by false ideology and dishonour follows them always. All statements by Federals and their allies should be disbelieved on principle unless corroborated by Imperial sources.

Comitium Statute on Combat Operations[]

All combat & Powerplay operations are to be conducted in an Open instance. Imperial Torvalians must always seek permission to duel from their target if they are another Imperial and combat logging is a dishonourable & prohibited act. Honourable Imperials do not retreat from combat against another Imperial commander choosing death instead, nor do they use healing beams to provide an unfair advantage over them.

===Comitium Statute on Haulers==- It is the duty of Imperial Torvalians to ensure their contracts are completed and thus they should take all evasive measures necessary to avoid the loss of goods, Power Commodities, and passengers. Thus they should not engage in combat with other commanders.

Comitium Statute on Community Goals[]

Assisting in non-Imperial Community Goals is not honourable work. Other Imperials may find this offensive and Imperial Torvalians thus do so at their own risk.

Comitium Statute on the Imperial High Councillor[]

The Imperial High Councillor for Torval is the recognised representative of the Torval community by Frontier Developments. Imperial Torvalians should raise issues and suggestions for Powerplay with the Imperial High Councillor before other methods of communication.