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Pranav Antal is a Powerplay character in the fictional Elite Dangerous galaxy. In the player created continuity his interests are represented by the Frontier Development’s recognised Powerplay Group, Elite Antal.


Pranav Antal at his core is an ideological fundamentalist who is wedded to the beliefs of the Utopia movement. However, he can recognise the need for reform when it arises and is economically sound enough to make the correct commercial decisions to benefit and advance the organisation.

Of Utopia[]

Utopians believe in the furthering of humanity as a species through technology. They have invented the Sim-Archive, a repository of the memories of those who have died to further this goal. These memories which are called ‘Sims’ can be experienced as if they are your own but not currently interacted with. They are lead by the Simguru which is a hereditary position and the supreme executive power in the movement.

Life and Career[]

Pranav Antal was born in 3225 into the Utopia movement his father Rishi had founded. As a child the young Utopian led a life of manual labours largely involving crop cultivation. This he despised as all around him was the technology and credit wealth his family possessed, technology and wealth that made such tasks unnecessary by his human hands.

His view on his life and others’ would shift dramatically after his father’s death however. Rishi had used Utopian technology to store his memories which Pranav accessed. Realisation thus came to him that the manual labours of his youth had a purpose, and that was to teach him how the poorest and most disadvantaged in society live. With this understanding he was able to push forward Utopia as a commercial enterprise without losing sight of its dream for galactic society as a whole

Thus, with the movement growing both in numbers and wealth Pranav Antal was able to begin the pursuit of the next great advancement for humanity; the Acheron Interface. The device would allow the transferring of a human’s conscious along with its memories into data, in essence allowing a human being to live forever without the need for a physical human form.

The prospect of an Acheron Interface has however become a galactic controversy with many claiming that the device does not in fact elevate a human being to another level of existence but rather it merely creates an AI copy of that person in violation of galactic treaties and law.

Current Role and Position[]

Pranav Antal is Simguru of Utopia. He is a talented and charismatic proselytizer for his movement and a competent businessman.